Y.A.T. (Your-Asian-Team) can help your company to meet quality demands and stay ahead of other competitors. If your organization is looking for professional transcription services, then you are at the right place.

Here at Y.A.T. (Your-Asian-Team), we offer transcriptions in many different languages. We deliver accurate and reliable transcription to meet your business transcription needs. It may be legal, medical, or general transcription from soft-copy to hard-copy is definitely available.
All transcripts submitted by our skilled and experienced transcriptionists are reviewed to ensure the accuracy of it.
We understand when dealing with transcripts, we have to be very accurate and precise, even a little mistake can ruin your work so we respect that and carefully handle your data.
All our voice transcriptionists and proofreaders are well-trained professionals with an excellent command over English. Y.A.T. (Your-Asian-Team) has the best team of voice transcriptionists, and editors who can assure high quality work.
No need to worry about deadlines! Y.A.T. (Your-Asian-Team) believes that the completion of a project at the right time given is a larger points for a business, therefore we assure you that your work can be obtained at the right time, yet we guarantee the best quality of it. If you are looking for a transcriptions company with best quality and reasonable prices, then you can definitely trust us.
A transcription is the document made by copying down in writing something that you listen to, like audio tapes, an interview, or comments made during a meeting, Transcription is a professional’s job and is performed by transcriptionists.
Get a free quote today with your project and you will feel delighted that project is in safe hand now, so just sit back relax and let us do the job! We believe customer must always be prioritized.
Keep your translation project confidential
That means a confidential translation entrusted to us will STAY confidential. We'll ONLY share it with the translator who'll be doing the work - and that translator will ONLY be someone we've worked with for several years, that we know and trust and with whom we have a binding non-disclosure agreement.

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